Grilled Meat

Grills, Griddles, and Open Flames

Whatever your preferred cooking method is, we've got you!

Traeger Pellet Grills

There is something incredibly satisfying about the smell of a smoker. Traeger brings that satisfaction to your dinner table with an easy to use wood pellet smoker that doubles as a grill. Whether you are looking to add to your outdoor kitchen, or easy recipes that will bring out your inner pitmaster we've got you covered!

Blackstone Griddle

There are not many similarities between camping and hibachi, other than perhaps the nostalgia that we have with both. That being said, owning a Blackstone Griddle seems to bring everything together. Whether you're cooking rice by the lb, breakfast for the camp, or simply meal prepping for the week we've got you covered!

Castiron Cooking

Nothing says country living like a meal cooked completely in cast iron. There is just something about the sizzle and crackling of meat that takes us back to a more simple time. Maybe you inherited a cast iron set, or maybe you're looking to impress your guests with some rustic cooking techniques. No matter what your reason is for using one of our favorite methods, we've got you covered!

Everything Else

It may seem obvious to say that we clearly have our favorite styles of cooking. However, there are so many other methods that we love to use everyday. From oven roasting to open flame rotisseries, this section is designated for the techniques that are often underrated when it comes to farm and field cooking.

Image by Paul Einerhand

Guides, Charters, and Outfitters

Looking to drop some ducks in Stuttgart? Or, maybe you're wanting to book a tuna run in Venice? Either way, these are our favorite guides, charters, and outfitters.