Country Hash with Duck Fat

Updated: Jan 24

Country Hash and Duck Fat, a Match Made in Heaven.

If you were to Google the term “southern breakfast”, you’re almost certain to come across some of the classics like Biscuits and Gravy or Cheesy Grits on the first page. Among those staples you’ll absolutely find a Country Hash, a dish typically made with potatoes and basically whatever else happens to be in the fridge that morning. While the ingredients differ based on preference, we are pretty sure we found a secret ingredient that will take your next country hash experience to a whole different level.

Duck fat!?

Yep, you absolutely read that right. We said duck fat. While this ingredient has been growing in popularity over the past few year, it still remains foreign to the majority of home chefs.

Duck fat is full of incredible rich flavor, similar to duck meat. So much so, the we lovingly call the bird “the bacon of the sky”. When clarified, the fat has a very high smoke point that makes it one of the best oils for high heat cooking. This is exactly why it is the perfect choice for a good hash recipe. The trick is to stir your one-bit potatoes regularly through the cooking process, ensuring they are coated by the fat. Once they are cooked through, be sure to let them sit on the burner at a low heat (we suggest doing this when you drop your egg in anyway). This will create an incredible crust on the bottom of the dish, one that is essentially a potato version of socarrat that makes paella so great.

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Feeling lazy? Here are some tips to make this dish easier:

Substitute the clarified duck fat for avocado oil – While this is absolutely our secret ingredient for this recipe, we understand that not everyone will be able to find it. Avocado oil is a great second place if the fat is unavailable.

Use regular potatoes – One-bite potatoes help create an awesome crust on the bottom of the pan, but regular russet potatoes will also work if you can find one-bite.

Use precooked/leftover bacon to cut down on cooking time – We definitely recommend cooking your bacon fresh, however if you’re up against the clock, this change is ALMOST as good.


Country Hash with Duck Fat:


  • Stove

  • Cast Iron Skillet


  • 1 lb one bite potatoes chopped

  • 4 strips uncooked bacon

  • 3 eggs

  • 3 tbsp clarified duck fat

  • 1/2 shallot chopped

  • pinch flakey sea salt

  • pinch ground pepper

  • pinch parsley


  • Over medium-high heat, begin cooking bacon in cast iron skillet.

  • Once bacon is crispy, but still bendable, remove from skillet and set on paper towels. Do not remove bacon grease from skillet.

  • Toss in chopped shallots and cook until browned.

  • Toss in chopped potatoes and stir until potatoes and shallots are mixed evenly.

  • Pour clarified duck fat over potato and shallot mixture, and mix until evenly coated.

  • Cook potatoes in fat until soft (about 10 minutes).

  • Once potatoes are soft, reduce heat to medium and add bacon (crumbled or chopped), salt, and pepper into skillet and mix evenly.

  • Create a "pocket" in center of the skillet, and drop eggs into empty space to cook through, but yolks are still runny (about 2-3 minutes).

  • Garnish with chopped parsley and serve in cast iron skillet.

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