Whether its Farmed, Hunted, or Fished We've Got You Covered From Harvest to Table

Hey everyone, and welcome to our website! 
We are just a group of friends who’ve grown up hunting and fishing our way across the country, and want to share our love for conservation (and good eating) with everyone.
When someone says the word “hunting”, images of camouflage and trophy’s tends to pop into our heads. The truth is, hunting encompasses so much more than shooting the biggest buck you can imagine. We as humans are naturally inclined to hunt for food, its in our DNA. So why not make that food taste as great as possible? 
Does game meat intimidate you? That’s perfectly fine! We have so many farm fresh recipes made with locally sourced meats and produce. 
Want to test your palate and explore new meats? We’ve got you covered there too. Trust us, we create our recipes to avoid that “gamey” flavor your buddy still complains about, from that one time you accidentally overcooked a Mule Deer steak. 
Think you have an incredible recipe that needs to be shared with the world? Let us know and we are happy to feature you! 
No matter what you’re here for, we’re happy to have you and hope you say hello!

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Meet the Team

Just some small town guys (and gal) with a passion for sustainable living, big flavors, and conservation.


Jo Stalnaker

Jo is an Air Force veteran and former Defense Contractor turned outdoorsman. Nowadays you can find him behind a rifle in hunting season and behind a grill in the off season.

Leanna Keller

Leanna Keller

Leanna is a a former medical assistant turned stay at home mom with a passion for cooking. When she’s not grilling on the traeger you can find her practicing her photography skills or embroidering.

Greg Keller

Greg Keller

Greg is a avid angler and outdoorsman. He is a proud union ironworker and father to his daughter. When Greg’s not fishing the PNW rivers you can find him behind his Traeger.


Saul Grosshuesch

Saul is an Active Duty Vet turned Reservist. When he isn’t proudly serving this country, you can find him working on his photography and videography business.